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TOC Analyser
UniTOC- line operates almost free of maintenance, which allows the online TOC determination under optimal conditions in many different fields of applications like pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics, chemical industry as well as the production and surveillance of potable water.
For pharmaceutical usage, the model UniTOC-process allows standard suitability test according to USP/Ph. Eur.
It is conform to CFR 21part 11.
The UniTOC analyzers oxidize the organic compounds by using a high energy, low voltage UV lamp and the resulting carbon dioxide is detected and measured by CO2 selective NDIR cells.
An internal computer with touch screen controls the instrument and registers all parameters.
Data exchange is achieved by USB interface for digital and analog data, which can be integrated into existing network.
Both instruments can be configured for the reagent-free operation, which can be applied for water with low calcium carbonate content and water containing organic substances below < 2000 ppb.
Qualification of the systems is performed according to IQ, OQ und PQ procedures.
- All fluidic lines of the instruments are manufactured by materials of highest purity like PEEK, PFA or PTFE with almost no dead volumes.
- Dosage of samples is accomplished by a corrosion free peristaltic pump.
- Two inlets offer double capacity for the sample uptake and TOC measurements.
- UV radiation is generated by a high energy, low pressure UV lamp, which guarantees a lifespan longer than 12 months.
- The CO2 concentration is measured with a NDIR detector system - CO2 selective and sample temperature independent.
- An internal PC with touch screen operation controls and registers all instrument parameters, allows the online visualisation of the TOC value trend.
Reagent free, maintenance free and online TOC monitoring
Analytical consideration of TOC measurement
System suitability test
Qualitative TOC analysis

Oxidation of humic substances

Determination of isopropanol

Monitoring of pure water with extreme low TOC-concentrations

Detection limit of UniTOC

Detection limit - multipoint calibration
Detection limit - blank measurements

Influence of the carrier gas on the oxidation process

Data sheet UniTOC-process
Data sheet UniTOC-lab


1 Microelectronics Process water UniTOC-online
10 Power plants Process water UniTOC-online
Chemical industry Purified water UniTOC-online
Pharmaceutical industry WFI, AP UniTOC-process
50 Pharmacies
WFI, AP UniTOC-lab
100 Water purification system Process water
Cleaning water
1,000 Waterwork Portable water UniTOC-lab/online
10,000 Environmental analysis Ground water UniTOC-lab/online
Model Process Analysis:
(1) UniTOC-Online
Laboratory Analysis:
(1) UniTOC-Lab
Analysis Mode UV oxidation/ NDIR UV oxidation/ NDIR
Analysis Parameters TC, NPOC and TIC TC, NPOC and TIC
Working Range More than 10 ppm More than 50 ppm
Detection Limit < 3 ppb (Blank value) < 15 ppb (Calibration)
Analysis Time 4 - 6 minutes 4 - 6 minutes
Sample Inlet 2 ports 1 port
Sample Volume 10 - 20 mL (Loop) 1 - 20 mL (Syringe)
Calibration Two points Multipoint
Reagent Reagent free operation configurable Mixed reagent
Carrier Gas Compressed air nitrogen and oxygen Compressed air nitrogen and oxygen
Operation IPC, 10" TFT touchscreen IPC, external monitor
Data Access USB and Network USB and Network
Optional Uni TOC-Process SST access: USP/Ph. Eur
CFR 21 Part 11 conform
Power Supply 240 VAC and 120 W 240 VAC and 80 W
Protection Degree IP 54 IP 30
Dimensions 400 x 220 x 600 mm 400 x 220 x 600 mm
Weight 20 kg 15 kg
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