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Solvent Evaporator
The Vapornado¢ē Solvent Evaporator uses a new method of evaporation of fractions of preparative chromatography.
The solvent is blowing down to dryness in a closed circuit under an inert gas quickly and gently at 30 - 50”ĘC.
A rack of filled fraction glasses can be set up on the system directly from the fraction collector and the solvents, such as water, acetonitrile or methanol, heptane or ethyl acetate, blown down overnight.
The blow-down period is determined by the boiling point and the temperature of the liquid, and may be between 2 to 10 hours for fractions up to 30 ml.
The vaporisation energy is supplied in the flow of inert gas. Dynamic, contact-free temperature measurement with a falling liquid level allows control of the energy supply and the blow-down height of the following blow-down head.
Control parameters are entered on a 5.7”° touch panel.
The process is started and its progress shown on the graphical display.
There are two units as follows:
(1) The blow-down module VSE-100
(2) The condensation module VSC-100.
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