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Cooling Water Monitor
For monitoring, prevention and damage limitation of water bursts, even in closed systems.
If the cooling water flow fails in the return all of the cooling water powered devices turn off.
Many distilleries contain substances that may spark spontaneously in contact with air and/or water.
In the usual laboratory practice these are mainly the alkali metals and its hydrides. Particular caution is required for distillation residues containing alkali metals. These must be cooled constantly by cooling water.
At a breakdown of the cooling system of the cooling water, the heaters however continue to work and the distillery dries-out. This creates high fire and explosion hazard due to the alkali metal.
With the Water Safety Switch WSS16 this risk is practically eliminated.
- Monitoring of cooling water circuits in distillation facilities.
Model Cooling Water Monitor WSS16-S
Breaking Capacity up to 16A (Heating mantle)
Blocking Valve 24V = (220-240V/50-60Hz possible) for water flow
Flow Monitor 0.5 - 3 littre per minute (Other ranges on request) with non-return valve for water return
Dimensions (W xD x H) 80 x 120 x 110 mm
Weight 770 gram
Disposal Box
SR60 disposal box for solvent separation:
The SR60 disposal box combines clever design with user-friendly convenience.
Fitted with a light but robust aluminium profile, electro-conductive castors and weighing only 41 kg.
These disposal boxes are mobile and easy to move between different work stations.
The emptying of the solvent tanks happen through the hopper with a well-fitting in a collecting point integrated drum pump. The filling level of both canisters is visible through the transparent front.
The simply removed left side panel allows easy access for service work at any time to the solvent tanks (Standard 30l).
A new type of automatic seal is used for the first time on the solvent inlet.
The inlet is automatically opened or closed by lifting or lowering the butterfly-action lid, so that solvent vapour cannot escape into the surrounding air. The disposal box is also fitted with a protective trough with a capacity of 40 littres.

Waste air vents in the rear panel conduct solvent vapour to your in-house waste air system.
In the standard models, the butterfly-action lids are separately labelled for chlorinated/non-chlorinated substances.
The product can be customised on request. We can also supply the associated air extraction docking station.


Separate collection of chlorinated and chlorine-free solvent wastes with separate discharge and spill collection canisters.
The solvent wastes are pumped to a central disposal station.
Compatible with the docking system used in your laboratories.
Solvent-resistant construction.

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