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MARKELOV HS 9000 Autosampler
The Markelov HS9000 is the most powerful headspace sampler on the market today.
With flexibility to handle very low or very high concentrations, fast equilibrium times and easy-to-use software, the HS9000 is the ideal choice for research or routine analysis.
The HS9000 utilizes a closed sample introduction system. Unlike syringe injection systems, the loss of headspace vapour during the injection process due to vapour pressure changes is never a concern.
In addition to the sensitivity benefits of the Dynamic Headspace technology, the HS9000 delivers the added flexibility of performing traditional fixed loop injections and time-based injections incorporated within a single system.
Whether your preference is to make a highly reproducible timed injection to minimise the number of sample pathway components, a known/fixed volume loop injection or a concentrated injection for improved sensitivity, the HS9000 is the right instrument for you.
The HS 9000 has up to four modes of operation, making it the most versatile Headspace product on the market today!
Static Loop Injection:
A fixed volume loop made of inert Peek tubing is filled with the headspace and injected into the GC.
Static Time Based Injection:
(Pressure Balanced) headspace vapour is directed to the GC for a programmed period of time.
Dynamic Headspace Trap Injection:
Our dual needle design sweeps headspace vapour from the sample vial where it is concentrated on an adsorbent trap and then injected into the GC.
Dynamic Headspace Time Injection:
The headspace vapour is continually displaced from the sample vial and directed to the GC.
Patented Rotary Mixing Technique:
The HS9000 utilizes a patented horizontal rotary evaporation mixing technique. This unique mixing mode places the sample vials in a nearly horizontal position to expose more condensed sample to the available headspace.
Since the concentration in the headspace reflects only the surface concentration of the condensed sample, by horizontally rotating the vial more surface area is exposed for a faster and more efficient evaporation, which leads to shorter equilibration times and reduces the potential of thermal breakdown. Calculations show that by cutting the thickness of the sample in half, the equilibration time can be reduced by a factor of four. The user also has several mixing options including variable speed and an ˇ°Agitateˇ± mode which only partially rotates the vial.
- Horizontal rotary evaporation custs equilibration times by 80%
- High capacity 90-position sample carousel
- Automatic leak and integrity check
- Ideal for any headspace application
- Automated method development
- Dynamic and static sampling ability
Easy of Use:
- 10" LCD graphical interface with mouse and keyboard
- Intuitive programming of system parameters
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