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LC-05 Plus online injector and LC-051 online sampler are designed for process monitoring and optimization in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
The online injector works with an Agilent 1200 HPLC for online monitoring of reaction progress.
It provides a more reliable control on the product quality and helps to improve the production yields by providing a timely harvest indication.
Online sampler can automatically collect samples from reaction vessels.
It helps to free up the operators. The computer free design makes it very convenient to use in a plant or in a space tight laboratory.
Online Injector
LC-05 Plus Online Injector:
- Work with Agilent 1200 HPLC for online monitoring of 4 sites
- Automatic sample dilution and clean of sample lines
- Exportation of sample information to Chemstation sequence table
- Automatic HPLC calibration between runs
- Organized data file according to sampling sites and collection time
- Very user friendly software
- Integration with HPLC control software, using dynamic data exchange
Online Sampler
LC-051 Online Sampler:
- Collect samples from 4 sites
- Automatic dilution and clean of sample line
- Computer free operation
- Up to 18 fractions
- Flexible receiving container for sample cooling
- Close container to avoid sample evaporation
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