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Model LC-04SP Valve System:
1) Editable valve diagram.
2) Flexible in choosing valve number and valve type.
3) The valve types can be 2-position/6-port; 2-position/8-port; 2-position/10- port; 6-position, or 10 position.
4) One module can be installed with 1 or 2 valves. Two modules can be used together to make a 4-valve platform.
- One valve system for 1 valve head.
- One valve system for 2 valve heads.
Model LC-04SP Standalone Valve:
1) Controllable by both panel keys and computer
2) Compatible with LC-04SP software
3) Use up to 4 modules under one control software
4) Easy integration with HPLC
5) Easy key operation for setting method and direct valve switch
6) Valve types can be 2-position/6-port; 2-position/8-port; 2-position/10- port; 6-position, or 10 position
The Model Multi Channel Gradient Valve provides an economical alternative for the MCGV for Agilent 1100/1200 quaternary pump (Part number G1311-67701 or G1311-69701). The valve can also be used to upgrade an isocratic pump to a quaternary pump. It has comparable performance in terms of noise level, composition precision, and life time.
The installation is easy. Simply plug the valve into a quaternary pump and connect the tubing.
Syringe Pump
The Model LC-07 multi channel continuous syringe pump consists of a syringe pump and a stream selection valve.
It can deliver liquids from one location to another accurately and automatically. With the built-in programme, LC-07 can be used to make a set of standard solutions or deliver chemical reagents to a chemical reactor according to pre-set time.
Its operation involves only 7 buttons. Like other instruments from PromoChrom, the operation of LC-07 is simple and very user friendly. The method is easy to understand. Users can command the use of the device quickly by referring to the user manual.
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