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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance SPECTROMETER         ELEMENTAL ANALYSIS
The EPR spectrometer, Model MiniScope MS 300 (X-band and 9.3 - 9.55 GHz) is designed for easy operation, compact, PC-controlled, high performance devices for all laboratories.
Samples from liquids to solids can be measured at room temperature - 196 C for liquid nitrogen or at temperatures between - 170 up to + 200 C.
By the scan range of up to 400 mT and optional 550 mT with free radicals paramagnetic transition metal ions can be detected. The MiniScope can be applied from research up to routine measurements.
The MINISCOPE MS 300 consists of the following items:
- Spectrometer with measurement sensitivity 8*10Description: http://www.magnettech.de/images/hoch9.gif Spins/0,1mT.
- Control software.
- Analysis software for data calculation.
- Multiplot software for data presentation.
- Guidance tube F 120/1.5 for capillaries.
- 250 Pieces 50 l capillaries.
- Sealing kit for capillaries.
- Connector for vessels flushing the resonator with dry nitrogen.
Irradiation Window:
Allows irradiation of samples in the resonator during the measurement, using a parallel beam.
It is an option to insert a standard sample into the resonator.
Ultra-fast Automatic Frequency Control (AFC):
The boiling of liquid nitrogen in the fixed temperature dewar can lead to spikes on the spectrum. The ultra-fast AFC prevents this by keeping the measurement conditions constant.
Jack for coaxial connection of a high frequency counter:
The adjusted frequency during the scan can be used to calculate the g value of a signal. The g value gives the absolute position of a signal.


Life Sciences The only method for direct Nitric Oxide (NO) Measurement:
(1) Quantification of vascular nitric oxide (NO)
(2) Quantification of NO in cells and tissue
(3) Quantification of NO in blood
(4) Quantification of NO-haemoglobin
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Oxidative Stress:
(1) Quantification of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells, tissue and blood
(2) Quantification of ascorbyl radicals in blood plasma
(3) Singlet oxygen and hydroxyl radicals in photo dynamic therapy (PDT)
(4) Superoxide generated by xanthine / xanthine oxidase
Food Chemistry and Pharmacy Radicals generated during sterilisation by gamma irradiation
Quantification of the antioxidative activity
Quantification of the antioxidative potential
Radicals and copper in hop
Radicals in Malt
Radicals in Coffee Powder
Flavour stability of coffee
Antioxidative features of margarine
Petrol Chemistry Determination of nitroxide concentrations in unsaturated hydrocarbons
Living polymers
UV stability of scratch resistant varnish
Electron beam hardening of varnish
Environmental Toxicology Generation of radicals by particles
Dosimetry Alanine dosimetry (Thin films + tablets)
Biophysical Features Oxymetry
Membrane fluidity



Phase partition
Separation of Radicals EPR/HPLC coupling
Bioinorganic Chemistry

Bioinorganic transition metal compounds

Effect of heavy metals ions on living tissue


Tomography PH-profiles in human skin
Liposomal penetration into human skin
Spectral-spatial imaging
Spectral Measurements Oxymetry


Computer and 19 Inch monitor

Increase of microwave power range 100 W - 100 mW high power:
It is recommended for samples saturating at microwave power higher than 50 mW.
Increase of microwave power range 100 W - 50 mW low power:
It is recommended for samples at microwave power 100 W.
Holder and positioning system for a standard sample:
A simultaneous measurement of sample and standard is possible.
Inclusive is one secondary standard Chromium or Manganese of your choice (Order No A 30 10 014 or A 30 10 015).
Extended magnetic fi eld range 50-600 mT through water cooling:
The increase of the magnetic field range is recommended in the case you like to measure transition metal complexes of Fe (III) low spin.
The extension includes a compact refrigerated circulator with 240W cooling capacity.
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