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Universal XYZ Autosampler
Universal XYZ Autosampler
The revolutionary autosampler eliminates the requirement to purchase multiple Autosamplers for your Atomic Absorption, Atomic Fluorescence applications and Liquid Handling requirements. We offer an advanced all-in-one XYZ Autosampler for liquid handling, flame, graphite furnace AA and vapour generation (VG) analysis. The freedom of movement in all directions permits the versatility that is unattainable with conventional rotary type of autosamplers. The XYZ Autosampler has the flexibility to adapt to almost any sample container, and automatically introduces up to 1536 samples when loaded to maximum capacity.
- Microplates
- Standard test tubes
- GF sample cups
- Custom GF sample cup sizes
The user-friendly AISPEC software includes the following built-in functions:
(1) Calibration from a single standard:
  The digital micro-volume pump automatically dilutes a master standard for calibration and standard addition allowing for an easy dilution process that brings out of range samples into calibration range.
(2) Perform Online Sample Preparation:
  The table driven command allows the use of any volume combinations of sample, standard, modifier and blank solutions; thereby, accommodating requirements for method development and quality control.
(3) Perform Fast-Dry Technique:
  The Fast-Dry method involves user programming of injection speed, preheating of temperatures and cooling times using the xyz autosampler. This overcomes unwanted spluttering by the autosampler slowly depositing the test sample onto a pre-heated graphite surface thus giving improved reproducibility, sensitivity and detection limits.
If you need a basic sample changer to automate your liquid analyser, look no further.
Robotics for High Throughput Laboratory Automation:
For applications requiring greater precision and throughput, Aurora has developed the model AS1000 autosampler featuring an optical encoder with a resolution of ¡¾0.005mm. This optical encoder consists of a rotating disk, a light source, and a photodetector (Light sensor) that converts motion into a sequence of digital pulses. Mounted on a rotating shaft, the optical encoder is able to convert these pulses to relative or absolute position measurements. With this, precise arm movement with increased resolution is reached. Other features include an optional eight-channel head and two arm configuration.
The Model AS 1000 offers increased throughput while remaining cost effective.

- Highly accurate X, Y, and Z axis robotic movement
- High precision and reliability
- High speed probe movement
- Adjustable probe depth
- Optional syringes to handle different liquid volumes
- Compatible with a multitude of lab-ware types
- A complete walk-away¡¯system that allows other tasks to be performed while instrument is running
Our Autosamplers can be used for a wide variety of laboratory instrument techniques, including:

ICP-OES and ICP-MS spectroscopy

Flame and Graphite Furnace AA spectroscopy

UV Visible spectroscopy

UV/Vis spectroscopy

Flow Injection Analysis

TOC analysis

Gel Permeation Chromatography

Ion Chromatography

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analysis

X-ray Fluorescence analysis

Viscosity analysis

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Liquid handling applications such as serial dilution, cherry picking, plate reformatting and plate replication

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