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Spectrophotometry involves the use of a spectrophotometer. A spectrophotometer is a photometer (A device for measuring light intensity) that can measure intensity as a function of the colour, or more specifically, the wavelength of light.
UV Visible spectroscopy is routinely used in the quantitative determination of solutions of transition metals and highly conjugated organic compounds.
The instrument used in Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy is called an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer.
To obtain absorption information, a sample is placed in the spectrophotometer and ultraviolet or visible light at a certain wavelength, or range of wavelengths, is transmitted through the sample.
The spectrophotometer measures how much of the light is absorbed by the sample.
The UV-Vis Spectrophotometers and Visible Spectrophotometers have cost effective features for simple operation and high reproducibility.
Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer
UV Visible 230 Spectrophotometer
The UV Visible 230 is an intelligent ultra-violet visible spectrophotometer that is well suited to the qualitative and quantitative analyses required by today's laboratories.
With its wide wavelength range and narrow bandwidth design, the instrument provides extraordinary flexibility and high resolution at an exceptional price. It features a standard printer port for hard copy.
The UV Visible Spectrophotometer also features power interruption protection, easy operation and a versatile choice of accessories.
The UV Visible Spectrophotometers have the attractive features of simple operation and high reproducibility, yet provide cost effective analytical solutions. The easy display is great for industrial quality control, water analysis, and educational purposes. The UV Visible Spectrophotometer operates over a wavelength range of 190 - 1100nm with a 5nm bandwidth.
The spectrophotometer includes a standard printer port and a standard RS-232 serial port for data communication.
The UV Visible 230 has the capacity to analyse up to four cells and a choice of accessories for greater flexibility.
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