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INVERTED BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE         measuring instrument
Biological Microscope
The Model MBL3200 is a professional inverted biological microscope.
It is designed for identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures.
- Versatile accessories, universally usable.
- Mirror reflex and video camera connection via photo and C-mounted video adapter


MBL 3200
Optical Equipment Trinocular Inversed Microscope with
10 x plano eyepiece,
Objectives 4x/NA 0.10, 10 x /NA 0.25 and 40 x /NA 0.65
20 x phase contrast
Equipment XY table, coaxial coarse/fine, iris diaphragm, filter holder and green filter
Lighting 6 V 30 W adjustable
Special Feature Inversed microscope with third tubular feature for connection to a camera or video camera.
Use Laboratory
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