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AUTOMATIC ECONOMICAL POLARIMETERS         measuring instrument
Automatic Polarimeters
Automatic Economical Polarimeter P3000 Series
The Automatic Economical Polarimeters are designed for fast standard measurements.
The P3000 economical polarimeter is a simplified version of the P8000 and uses the same patented fast measurement technique. It measures samples in just 1 second, regardless of the rotation angle, saving much time over measurement with conventional polarimeters.
The P3000 is operated fully automatically with an intuitive touchscreen. Measured values can be displayed as optical rotation angles or in the ICUMSA international sugar scale, and can be printed out with the printer interface.
The P3000 offers unbeatable value for money for all applications where measurement accuracy to 2 decimal points is sufficient.


Pharmaceutical Industry Hospitals and pharmacies
Monitoring chemical processes
Purity control and determination of concentrations
The analysis of pharmaceuticals complies with Pharmacopoeia, DAB and other national and international standards.
Chemical Industry Purity control and determination of concentrations
Analysis of optically active components (Qualitative and quantitative)
Determination of changes in the configuration
Monitoring chemical processes
Food Industry Determination of concentration
Purity control
Quality control
Sugar Industry Quality control of original and end product
Determination of fructose and glucose


Measuring Method Optical rotation and international sugar scale
Measuring Range 90
Measuring Unit Angle ( and Z)
Resolution 0.01
Accuracy 0.01
Reproducibility 0.01
Measuring Time ±90°C 1 second
Light Source

1 LED with filter

Wavelength 589 nm
Wavelength Selection One fixed wavelength
Maximum Tube Length 220 mm
Sensitivity Minimum 0.1% (OD3)
Calibration Automatic (Menu-driven)
Display LCD 3.5colour display
Operation Touchscreen
Temperature Measurement 0 - 99.9°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy of Temperature Control 0.2C
Temperature Reading Point Tube
Interface RS-232
Dimensions 64.5 x 20.0 x 36.0 cm
Weight 28 kg
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