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PROCESS REFRACTOMETER-PR21         measuring instrument
Process Refractometer
The process refractometer was developed for direct installation in pipelines and boilers.
It is ideal for process monitoring, control and separation of products in the chemical, beverage, food, pulp and paper and sugar industries.
As no bypass is necessary, the process refractometer can be easily installed in a pipeline or tank.
Standard connections enable the process refractometer to be assembled quickly and easily.
Depending on diameter, a T-piece is inserted into the pipeline or an adapter welded on, with the tank.


The process refractometer can determine mixing ratios, quality and quantity inspection in the following industries:
- Pulp and paper industries
- Beverage industry
- Food industry
- Sugar and sweetener industries
- Textiles industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Metalworking industry
- Wastewater management


Measurement Accuracy 0.0002 nD
0.2% Brix
0.0002 nD
0.2% Brix
0.00002 nD
0.02% Brix
0.00002 nD
0.02% Brix
Resolution 0.0001 nD
0.1% Brix
0.0001 nD
0.1% Brix
0.00001 nD
0.01% Brix
0.00001 nD
0.01% Brix
Product Temperature Less than 60°C Less than 160°C Less than 60°C Less than 160°C
Ambient Temperature Less than 40°C Less than 60°C Less than 40°C Less than 60°C


Measurement Mode Refractive index (nD)
Sugar content (% Brix)
User defined (%)
Measurement Time 3 - 60 seconds
Temperature Sensor PT100
Temperature Measurement -10 to 200°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy 0.2°C
Temperature Compensation ICUMSA and arbitrary
Process Temperature -5 to 160°C
Ambient Temperature 0 - 60°C
Prism Sapphire
Illumination LED 590 nm
Housing Edelstahl
Interface Analog 0/4-20 mA, Ethernet and optional PROFIBUS
Protection Class IP65
Explosion Protection Optional
Power Supply 24 V
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