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ABBE REFRACTOMETER         measuring instrument
Abbe Refractometer
Model AR2008 Digital Abbe Refractometer
The digital Abbe refractometer AR2008 has an electronic data processing system.
The refractive index or Brix value is shown on an LCD display together with the temperature.
A serial interface allows measured values with date and time to be transferred directly to the PC or printer.
An automatic temperature compensation feature is optionally selectable.
The AR2008 has a thermostat connection for prisms and a built-in light source 589 nm for the measuring prism.
The AR2008 is extremely sturdy, it is ideally suitable for use in a harsh environment.
It is supplied with a glass calibration plate, contact fluid, a screw-driver and dust hood.


The Abbe refractometer can determine mixing ratios, quality and quantity inspection in the following industries:
- Pulp and paper industries
- Beverage industry
- Food industry
- Sugar and sweetener industries
- Textiles industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Metalworking industry
- Wastewater management


Measurement Range Refractive index 1.3000 - 1.7200 nD
Sugar scale 0 - 95% Brix
Temperature 0 - 99°C
Accuracy Refractive index 0.0002 nD
Sugar scale ±0.1% Brix
Resolution Refractive index 0.0001 nD
Sugar scale 0.1% Brix
Temperature 0.1°C
Automatic Temperature Compensation 0 - 90°C 0 - 90°C
Interface Serial RS-232 and RS-422 Serial RS-232 and RS-422
Abbe Refractometers
Models AR4 and AR4D Abbe Refractometers
The Abbe refractometer was developed in 1869 by Ernst Abbe and is used to determine the refractive index otherwise known as the index of refraction.
It is based on the principle of total reflection which occurs at the boundary between the prism and the sample.
The refractive index of the prism determines the upper limit of the measurement range, as it always has to be greater than that of the sample.

To determine the refractive index of solids, a contact liquid with an average refractive index is required.
Abbe refractometers are characterised by their easy handling and minimal sample quantities.
Samples in the form of solids or pastes can be measured just as easily as liquids.
Furthermore, colouration or clouding scarcely affect the measurement result.
Besides the refractive index, the solid content can be determined in %Brix.

The refractive index of a sample depends on the wavelength of the light used in measurement.
That is why we supply our AR4 and AR4D with LED illumination for the measuring prism.
This has the standard wavelength of 589 nm and has a very long service life (>100,000 hours).
Refractometers also have scale illumination.
The refractive index also depends on temperature.
As the temperature increases, the refractive index drops.
Thatis why our Abbe refractometers have thermostat connections on both the illumination prism and the measurement prism.
A digital thermometer is included in the scope of supply.
Our Abbe refractometers can easily be checked and calibrated with the calibration plates provided and comply with all requirements of ASTM D1218.


Measurement Range Refractive index 1.3000 - 1.7000 nD
Sugar scale 0 - 95% Brix
Accuracy Refractive index ±0.0002 nD
Sugar scale ±0.1% Brix
Scale Division Refractive index 0.0005 nD
Sugar scale 0.25% Brix
Thermometer Digital thermometer -40 to 120°C
Illumination Scale illumination and LED-illumination (590 nm) for prism
Display AR4D Readings via scale window & ocular
AR4 Readings via ocular
Dimension and Weight AR4D 230 x 110 x 270 mm and 5.5KG
AR4 140 x 100 x 235 mm and 4.4 KG
Special Features Adjustable scale
Prisms can be temperature controlled
Thermostat connections for prisms
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