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PORTABLE REFRACTOMETER         measuring instrument
Portable Refractometers
The DR301-95 is a robust portable system that is suitable for everyday usage. It is easily connected to a PC, allowing for measurements to be saved and evaluated at a later date, it incorporates the refractive index, sugar and salt scales, with the option to add two other user-defined scales.
The DR301-95 offers more flexibility than most handheld devices, it can be easily calibrated, it also has an optional temperature compensation feature. Add from the range of accessories the 9V power supply, and it transforms into a small mobile laboratory refractometer.
The DR201-95 is a compact digital portable refractometer that can handle easily, precisely and quickly.
It is ideal for on-site quality and process control. It has a wide refractive index scale range and a sugar scale.
One DR201-95 can often replace several existing instruments. For wine-growing, a special version is available with an Oechsle scale, instead of a sugar scale. The DR201-95 is ergonomically designed, it comes complete with a belt pouch.
The DR101-65 is a sturdy, entry level device with an excellent cost/performance ratio, it features the same easy handling and fast measuring results as the two other digital portable refractometers in this series. It also includes automatic temperature compensation, it is ideal when a wide measurement range is not required.


The portable refractometer can determine mixing ratios, quality and quantity inspection in the following industries:
- Pulp and paper industries
- Beverage industry
- Food industry
- Sugar and sweetener industries
- Textiles industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Chemical industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Metalworking industry
- Wastewater management


Measurement Range 1.3330 - 1.5318 nD
0 - 95% Brix
1.3330 - 1.5318 nD
0 - 95% Brix
0 - 250°Oechsle
0 - 95% Brix
1.3330 - 1.4419 nD
0 - 60% Brix
Accuracy 0.00015 nD
0.1% Brix
0.0003 nD
0.2% Brix
0.2% Brix
0.0005 nD
0.25% Brix
Resolution 0.0001 nD
0.1% Brix
0.0001 nD
0.1% Brix
0.1% Brix
0.0001 nD
0.1% Brix
Temperature Measurement 5 - 40°C
41 - 104°F
0 - 40°C 0 - 40°C 0 - 40°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.5°C 0.5°C 0.5°C 0.5°C
Temperature Compensation 5 - 40°C 10 - 40°C 10 - 40°C 10 - 40°C
Prism Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass Optical glass
Housing Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
Dimension 180 x 100 x 60 mm 130 x 80 x 40 mm 130 x 80 x 40 mm 110 x 62 x 32 mm
Weight 500 gram 200 gram 200 gram 160 gram
Power Supply 9 V battery (Adapter available) 1.5 V battery 1.5 V battery 1.5 V battery
What are the advantages of digital refractometry?
Digital refractometers offer multiple advantages, being faster, cleaner, and more accurate than traditional manual instruments. The time-consuming sample preparation and clean-up stages of an Abbe refractometer are dispensed with entirely, and the liquid sample is simply placed on the measuring prism and the analysis begun.
The control of temperature is a vital aspect of any refractometry, as the refractive index of a material will vary considerably with temperature. Digital refractometers may be equipped with electronic temperature control through an accurate Peltier heating/cooling element, again eliminating a time consuming operation and increasing the accuracy and reliability of the measurements.
Digital instruments also offer substantially greater accuracy than manual devices, having resolutions to five decimal places, they can be integrated into wider laboratory or process management operations through the digital electronic output they provide.
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