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Spot or Microarray Printing Workstation
Microarrays have the potential to impact genomics and proteomics research by reducing the time, materials, and costs related to specimen-based marker validation. Microarrays maximize the number of specimens that can be analysed on a given surface. However, the microarray printing process requires a significant time commitment, particularly for hand-produced tissue array blocks. In addition, this process requires significant repetitive motions thereby increasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries to researchers. Automated microarray printing solutions would increase throughput and productivity while decreasing costs.
The VERSA¢â Spot Printing Workstation is an automated liquid handling platform, capable of performing automatic pipetting for sub-microliter dispensing and microarraying applications in either contact or non-contact printing applications.
Using this workstation enables slides, papers or any other suitable array surface to be constructed with array spots in a simple and reproducible manner, providing consistent results. The VERSA¢â Spot Printing workstation standardizes the spacing between specimens. The robotic arm is controlled by an external computer, allowing the user to micro-control the desired range of movement.


VERSA¢â Spotter Workstation for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
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