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The VERSA Mini PCR Carousel Setup is a small, automated liquid handling workstation designed to perform virtually every task for the automated PCR set-up reactions as well as all general liquid handling tasks.
Whether processing a small batch or up to a thousand PCR reactions a day, this fast PCR set-up and robotic liquid handling system can automate the PCR set-up procedure with high precision, throughput and accuracy.
The VERSA Mini PCR Setup workstation also performs fast PCR applications such as hot-start PCR.
This automated fast PCR set-up workstation conserves expensive reagents, it eliminates concerns associated with volumetric variations caused by handling errors and removes repetitive manual pipetting protocols.
The VERSA Mini PCR Setup workstation is extremely easy to use and is pre-configured to automatically prepare PCR master mixes, add DNA/RNA templates and load samples into reaction plates/capillary tube carousels.
While the system and software has been designed for liquid handling applications targeted at fast PCR reaction setups, the unit is capable of performing generic liquid handling tasks such as: serial dilution, cherry picking, plate reformatting, plate replication and array printing. The PCR Setup workstation is an open system compatible with a diverse range of labware and kits.
PCR Setup Workstations
- Large volume ranges from nL to mL
- There are options for multi-channel head:
(1) 8 channel Syringe Pipettor (One channel can be used independently for master-mix preparation, cherry picking etc).
(2) 5-8 channel Reagent Drop cluster for dispensing reagents
- Disposable tip changer and autoclavable tubes reduce cross-contamination issues
- Compatible with most commercially available reagents
- User friendly drag and drop software
- UV fluorescent light and HEPA-filter hood option
- Aqueous/ Organic solvent compatibility
- Small footprint
- Other deck modules available
- Integratable with third party equipment
1 Validation of VERSA Mini PCR Workstation for High Throughput PCR
2 Automated Reaction Set-up for Whole Genome Amplification and Validation with ¥â-actin Gene Using VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation
3 Automation of Reverse Transcription of Avian Influenza Viral RNA and Detection of H5N1 with VERSA Mini PCR Setup Workstation
4 ¡°Hot Start¡± PCR using VERSA¢â Mini PCR Setup Workstation
5 Automation of On Slide PCR using VERSA¢â Mini PCR Setup Workstation


Clinical and Molecular



Pharmaceutical Industry Environmental Research
Hospital and Health Care Agriculture Research
Blood Banks Forensics and Security
Disease Surveillance Food and Nutrition

Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAP)

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

PCR Reaction Setup and Clean up

Liquid Liquid Extraction (LLE)

DNA/RNA Restriction/Digestion/Ligation Cell-base Assays
Next Generation Library Preparation (NGLP) Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay (ELISA)
Solid Phase Reversible Immobilisation (SPRI) Plate Replication
Sequencing Reaction Setup Cherry Picking
Oligo-Based Gene Synthesis General Liquid Handling
Reverse Transcription General and Serial Dilution
Portein Purification -
Volume 1 to 1000 µL
Precision CV value <5% at 1 µL, <3% at 2 µL for Syringe Pipettor.
CV value <3% at 2 µL for Reagent Drop.
Deck Capacity 15 deck positions
Pipette Tips 20 µL, 50 µL, 200 µL and 1000 µL standard (96-well racked)
Pipetting Head Module 8 channel Syringe Pipettor with one independent channel with cluster of five to eight pin Reagent Drop
Accessory Options 96 or 384-well plate
Magnetic block
Reagent cooler and heater block
Plate cooler and heater block
Plate shaker
Plate transporter
Vacuum Manifold
Barcode Reader
Software Customised user-friendly VERSAware software, featuring simple on-screen prompts, drop down menus and stored protocols
Computer System Desktop PC with LCD monitor and Window operating software
Dimension and Weight L 93 x W 62 x H 62 cm and approximately 60 kg
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