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The VERSA 10 addresses the needs of research groups requiring high throughput liquid handling automation from a small bench top workstation. By combining an 8 channel manifold with a compact, 6- position deck, this workstation enables researchers to carry out large projects even when located in a fume hood or other similar areas with limited space.
The VERSA 10 is the ideal solution for large research facilities, as multiple systems may be placed throughout the workplace, eliminating the requirement for users to travel to a central location for all automation needs.

The VERSA 10 workstation is a compact, cost effective, high throughput, automated air-displacement liquid handling workstation. The built-in versatility of system permits researchers to perform many diverse protocols including serial dilution, plate reformatting and plate replication from one type of labware to another with high precision, throughput and accuracy.

The VERSA 10 workstation automates commercially-available and industry recognized protocols using pre-made master mixes like PCR plate reformatting, sequencing reaction setup, restriction digest/ligation, and reverse transcription. Additionally, this workstation assists researchers to conserve expensive reagents, eliminates concerns associated with manual volumetric variations caused by handling errors, and automates all repetitive pipetting protocols.
Liquid Handling Workstation Versa 10
- Throughput for setting up 96 samples in 8 minutes
- Accommodates diverse labware including 96 and 384 well plates
- Highly accurate air-displacement technology
- Available with either 4 or 8 channel liquid handling module
- Temperature regulation modules including plate heater/cooler block
- OEM customization and development options
(1) Software controlled single channel operation
(2) Reagent cooler block
(3) Shaker with or without integrated heater/cooler
- Controlled sample mixing
- HEPA/ UV/ Fluorescent light enclosure option

Multiplex PCR plate reformatting

Reverse transcription

Real-time PCR plate reformatting

Oligo based gene synthesis

Sequencing reaction setup Generic liquid handling - Reagent pooling
Restriction digest/ligation -
Volume 1 to 25 µL
Precision CV value <5% at 1 µL, <3% at 2 µL, <1% at 10 µL
Deck Capacity Six deck positions for microtitre plates (Supports both 96- and 384-well plates and includes adaptor to accommodate individual or 0.1 mL and up strip-tubes), deep-well reservoirs and tip boxes.
Pipette Tips 20 µL, 50 µL, 200 µL and 1000 µL standard (96-well racked)
Pipetting Head 8 channel Syringe Pipettor with tip changer (Air displacement technology) - option to provide system with 4 channels Syringe Pipettor with tip changer (Air displacement technology) instead
Accessory Options Magnetic block
Plate cooler and heater
96-channel aspirator
Software Customised user-friendly VERSAware software, featuring simple on-screen prompts, drop down menus and stored protocols
Computer System Desktop PC with LCD monitor and Window operating software
Dimension and Weight L 57 x W 45 x H 54 cm and 35 kg
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