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Glove Box
It is used to prepare pure compounds that require reliable protection of substances from contamination and some laboratory processes require safe handling of toxic materials.
The Glove Box provides a cost effective and efficient tool for these and similar requirements.
Panels: Clear
Material: PMMAGlossary PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate
Temperature Resistance: From -20”ĘC to +70”ĘC
Use: Normal pressure
Stand: Rubber feet
Product Description:
It is made of acrylic panels, PE base panel in the work space, aluminium frame, 4 quick couplings, 2 hoses, natural rubber gloves size 9, 2 lead-ins for cables on the backside (Upper left and upper right).
Product Advantages:
- Low cost compared to conventional steel glove boxes
- Light weight combined with robust construction
- Easy to move and install
- Superb all-round visibility
- Absolutely tight
- Clever solution for efficient work
- Large front opening
Catalogue Number V 1982-08
Material Acrylic panel and PE base panel
Length of Tubing 2 x 5,000 mm
Usable Volume Transfer Chamber Box 20 litres
Usable Volume Box 260 litres
Hinged Lid Opening (W X H) 850 X 425 mm
Maximum All-Over Load Transfer Chamber 3 KG
Maximum All-Over Load Box 40 KG
Inner Space Transfer Chamber 220 x 320 x 275 mm
Inner Space Box (W x D x H) 850 x 540 x 500 mm
Weight 20 KG
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1210 x 600 x 780 mm
Optional Types:
- Light protected or antistatic
- Box modularly expandable
- Openings for connections to a fume hood
- Additional pair of gloves at the back side
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