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CO2 INCUBATORS          science laboratory
CO2 Incubator


The incubator is ideal for the experiments of the cultivation of animal cells, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, all sorts of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues.
The IR CO2 sensor can detect CO2 concentration to as low as 0.1% and Co2 recovery is rapidly done by the IR Sensor regardless various environmental conditions.
The tempered glass inner door allows the user to view the contents of the chamber without dew condensation.
Precise speed and time can be controlled by using the Microprocessor digital PID control.
Six sides heating function keeps temperature uniformity in the chamber.
Deep-drawn inner chamber is made of stainless steel 304.
Precise speed and time can be controlled by using the Microprocessor digital PID control.
Natural air circulates through the shelves.


Temperature Range
Ambient +5°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy
”¾0.1”ĘC at 37”ĘC
Temperature Increment
Temperature Control
Mircroprocessor Digital PID
CO2 Range
0 to 20%
CO2 Accuracy
”¾0.1”ĘC at 5% at 37”ĘC
CO2 Increment
0.1 %
CO2 Inlet Pressure  
0.1 MPA (Bar)
CO2 Sensor
Infrared CO2 sensor
Silicon packing magnet door
Tempered safety glass door
Operational Panel
Individual 2 channel touch button
5 digit LED x 2
Jacket Type
Dry Wall Type ( 6 sides infrared heating plate)
Chamber Material
Stainless Steel 304
Chamber Volume
42 littre
179 littre
2 shelves (Maximum 10 shelves)
3 shelves (Maximum 11 shelves)
Chamber Dimension
W 320 x D 350 x H 370mm
W 475 x D 530 x H 713mm
Overall Dimension
W 407 x D 460 x H 577mm
W 560 x D 640 x H 930mm
25 KG
85 KG
Optional Accessory   Battery Back-up System (Operation for 2 hours)
We can provide a custom-fitted solution for our customers' specific requirements with the following options:
(1) Low temperature Plasma Sterilisation to sterilise the medical equipment.
(2) UV sterilisation can be installed at the bottom of the chamber to prevent the contamination of water tray.
(3) Cooling control.
(4) Copper chamber and chamber for contamination protection.
(5) O2 control with the Nitrogen-injection into the chamber, Hypoxia emveriments can be conducted.
(6) Hight temperature sterilisation up to 90°C. to sterilise germ and bacteria in the chamber.
(7) Split inner door.
Optional Accessory:
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