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CULTURE CHAMBER          science laboratory
This Model SCUC series is a culture chamber that is recognised by our worldwide end-users as the most suitable and high-efficiency equipment for agriculture, biotechnology, tissue culture and research on germination of seed.

Advanced Microprocessor Digital PID controller provides automatic tuning functions for the easy and quick control of the operator.


The Digital PID controller provides uniform and accurate temperature.


Custom-fitted 9 patterns with 9 segments enables end-users to easily proceed to various high-performance tests.


End-users can easily observe his tasks through high-class sealed tempered glass window.


Over temperature limit function can automatically be operated for safety to protect overheating above setting temperature.


With double doors of durable magnetic gum packing, it provides excellent easement of shock and double air-tight effect.

- High-grade circulation fan and efficient structure of air diffusion come with constant preservation of the interior environment chamber.
- The superior safety features include over temperature limit function and over current protector.


Temperature Range 10 to 60°C
Accuracy กพ0.1°C
Controller Microprocessor Digital PID controller
Regulator SSR controller
Display LCD display
Programme 9 patterns with 9 segments
Material Interior Construction Stainless steel plate
Exterior Construction Steel plate with powder coating
Door Packing Double doors of durable magnetic gum packing
Inner Door 5mm thick high temperature safety glass
Shelves ABS coating (Adjustable type)
Safety Device Over temperature limit
Over current glass fuse


Chamber Capacity
150 litre
250 litre
420 litre
Internal Dimension
L 500 x D 500 x H 600mm
L 500 x D 500 x H 1,000mm
L 700 x D 600 x H 1,000mm
External Dimension
660 x 820 x 1,300mm
660 x 830 x 1,700mm
860 x 930 x 1,700mm
FL 20 Watts x 4 each
FL 40 Watts x 5 each
FL 40 Watts x 5 each
Heater Capacity
800 Watts
1,000 Watts
1,300 Watts
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