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Online Monitor Gas Ordour in Natural Gas
On-line Monitoring Device for the precise Quantification of Gasodour¢ē S-Free¢ē in Natural Gas
Stationary device to on-line monitor Gasodor¢ē S-Free¢ē in Natural Gas
The IMS-ODOUR is an independent and fully automatic working measurement device, which has particularly been developed to precisely quantify and transmit the concentration of Gasodour¢ē-S-Free¢ē in natural gas.
Requested intervals of measurements can individually be set. Before each measurement the system carries out a self-calibration by the use of a certified calibration gas to achieve and secure maximum preciseness of the odorant concentration.
The acquired data are transmitted via current loop of 0 or 4-20mA, a modem or network connection to a control room.
The instrument can further be operated through a remote control (On demand through G.A.S).
Beyond that up to 15,000 measurement values can be stored on the integrated compact flash card and be downloaded via USB (Stick or cable connection). The 6.4”° TFT colour display allows to visualize all data on-site and carry out measurements manually as well. On demand the IMS-ODOR can be equipped with touchpad and/or further additional sensors.
Working principle Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)

Radioactive Beta-ionisation (63Ni <100MBq)

Enclosure 19"-compatible, protection category IP20, EMC
Range 4-23 mg/m©ų Gasodor¢ē S-Free¢ē in natural gas (adjustable according to customer request)
Precision ±2 mg/m©ų
Display 6.4" TFT-Display
Steering Angular momentum sensor
Processor 400MHz x-scale
Interfaces Modem, USB, ethernet, 0 or 4-20mA, relay for alarm
Data storage 1 GB Compact-Flash
Data Transmission Ultra-fast ADIO-board
Power supply 240 V AC, 50 Hz (External supply), Internet 24 V DC
Electrical connectors

2 x D-Sub 9-pole (For modem, console), D-Sub 15-pole (For external devices), 1 x RJ45 (For digital modem or SSH), 1 x USB-A, 1 x net connection

Gas connectors 6 mm Swagelock for in- and outlets (Calibration gas, air, flare and outlet)
Cooling Baseboard/ Processor Ventilator 24V, maximum 5.5m©ų per hour
Calibration Gas Gasodor¢ē S-Free¢ē in natural gas according to chemical characteristica of natural gas type
Automatic Mass Flow Control CH4, 6-200ml per minute, 25-500mbar
Moisture Sensor 0 to 100% rh, tolerance: ±1,8% rh
Flame Detector Resistance thermometer 100mm and range: -50 to 600”ĘC
Gas Pressure Sensor 0-650 mbar relative, analog
Temperature Sensor -40 to 120”ĘC, tolerance: ±0.3”ĘC
Barometric Sensor 800 to 1,100 mbar absolute, digital
Gas Flow Sensors 0 to 200ml/ per minute, 0 - 6V
Dimensions W 449 x D 375 x H 177 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
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