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Portable Measurement Device  in Natural Gas
Portable Measurement Device to quantify Gasodour S-Free in Natural Gas
IMS-ODOR: The perfect on-site tool to quantify Gasodour-S-Free in Natural Gas
The handheld IMS-ODOUR allows the precise quantification of the sulphur-free Odorant Gasodour S-Free in Natural Gas at any measurement point of the gas grid (0-10bar pressure). The instrumentis extremely easy-inuse and particularly designed to measure in the relevant concentration range of 4-23 mg/m.
According to the chemo-/physical law of the applied Technology within the IMS-ODOUR, there are no interfering components in the natural gas matrix. Thus a high preciseness of ±2 mg/m can be achieved which is secured through the use of a calibration gas.
It takes only one click and approx. 80 seconds to calibrate the device as well as to run a fully automatic measurement circle. Therefore no specially trained staff is required to operate the IMS-ODOUR.
After finishing a run the measured concentration of Gasodour S-Free is displayed on the screen.
The value and its interpretation (given by 3 LEDs) as well as the intensity of smell can be stored on the internal memory card of the devise selecting the corresponding location from a list.
The PC-Software GASreport that belongs to the scope of supply enables the operator to build up a list of measurements points and administrate them and to further print out protocols.
Working principle Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
Measurement Range
4-23 mg/m
4-20 mg/m: 2 mg/m
> 20 mg/m: 3 mg/m
Display 6.4" TFT-Display
Capacity > 8h
Status visual via external LEDs Battery voltage displayed, power supply connected, loading, Battery loaded
Interfaces RS232/ USB with Adaptor, belonging to scope of supply
PC-Software for data evaluation GASreport, belonging to scope of supply
Natural gas supply Teflon tube 3mm, metal coated, belonging to scope of supply
Natural gas exhaust Teflon tube, belonging to scope of supply
Air (Drift gas) supply PTFE 1m dust filter, belonging to scope of supply
Operational temperature -10 to +40C
Loading temperature 0 - 40C
Power supply (External) Rechargeable240V AC, belonging to scope of supply
Car kit 12-13,8V DC, belonging to scope of supply
Power (Internal) Lithium-Ion battery 14,4 V / 5,2 Ah
Dimensions W 345 x D 435 x H 190 mm
Weight 11 kg
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