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Analytical Ion Mobility Spectrometer
Analytical - Ion Mobility Spectrometer
Sensitive Detection of Gaseous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
The A-IMS offers excellent features for fast and sensitive detection of gaseous traces of VOCs. Results are typically available within seconds within the ppbv- or even pptv-range.
Its modular concept and accessibility of parameters allows to configure and fine-tune the device according to the specific analytical measurement assignments.

Quality control

Residual solvents


Alternative GC detector

Stand-alone unit with integrated computer
Operation mode: open system using external gas supply or closed gas circuit
Sampling: direct inlet, membrane inlet system, or electrical six-port-valve with sample loop
Temperature control for IMS, membrane inlet system and six-port-valve (Up to 80C)
Access to all relevant parameters for method development
Software controlled switching between positive and negative ionization mode
- Manual or fully-automatic operation mode including data acquisition,data-analysis, data-visualization and data-transfer to external devices

Storage of data on internal memory or external network shares
Adaptable to external devices (Gas chromatograph, autosampler etc.) with automated start via trigger

Working principle Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
Ionisation -radiation source (Tritium (3H))
Activity 300 MBq, hence below exemption limit of 1 GBq according to the EURATOM guideline
Drift voltage polarity Positive and negative, switchable
Sampling Direct, membrane or electrical 6-port-valve
Range Semi-quantitative, typically low ppbv
Dynamic range 1-3 orders of magnitude

6.4" TFT, VGA-Display

Input unit Rotary pulse encoder
Processor 400 MHz X-scale
Data acquisition Ultra-fast ADIO-board
Data processing X-board/ Baseboard
Data storage

2 GB Compact-Flash

Communication RS232, USB, Ethernet
Electrical connectors 2 x D-Sub 9-pole (For modem, console), D-Sub 15-pole (For external devices), RJ45 (For digital modem or SSH), 2 x USB-A
Power supply 240 V AC, 50 Hz (External supply), 24 V DC/ 5A, XLR-connector (Internal)
Power consumption < 180 Watt
Housing 19" compatible, IP 20 enclosure and EMC certificated
Cooling Axial ventilator, temperature controlled, maximum 5.5 m per hour
Gas connectors 3 mm stainless steel Swagelok connectors for gas in- and outlet
Dimensions W 449 x D 375 x H 177 mm
Weight 13 kg
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