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Electrophoretic Analyser
Electrophoretic Analyser EA 202M with 2 columns employing contactless conductivity detectors.
The modular arrangement of this analyser enables its application with several electrophoretic modes of operation as follows:
- Isotachophoresis (ITP)
- Capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE)
- The highly efficient combination of ITP - CZE
Users can choose to work with traditional columns (Employing contact conductivity detectors) or alternatively take advantage of our updated columns that employ contactless conductivity detectors (Less sensitivity and a higher price but with increased lifetimes).
Columns for the first and second dimension are named ˇ®pre-separation' and ˇ®analytical' columns respectively.
Pre-separation columns employ FEP capillaries (I. D 0.8 mm) and are available in several lengths (See Acessories).
Each analytical column is equipped with an adapter (SMA or 2 mm JM) for connection with optical fibres to the UV detection facility.
The standard package includes an in-built UV detector with 4 wavelengths, however a variable wavelength or DAD UV detector can be purchased as an optional extra.
The standard and most basic version of the instrument is equipped with an ITP injection valve, 2 columns and modules for manual filling of electrolytes.
Standard Package:
- Preseparation column with contact conductivity detectors employing FEP capillaries.
- analytical column with contact conductivity (FEP capillary) detector.
- Variable column lengths (85 mm PC CLD, 90 mm PC CD and AC CD, 140mm AC CLD, 160-200 mm PC CD and AC CD).
- Maximum voltage 15kV.
- Maximum current 500 microamperes.
- UV detector (200, 220, 254, 280 nm).
- ITP injection valve (30 microliters).
- Variable injection volume via microsyringe facility (Up to 100 microlitres).
- Dimensions 400 x 390 X 685 mm (W x D x H).
- Weight: 25 kg.
- Power supply: 240, 50 Hz, 100 W.
Optional Accessories:
- Preseparation column with contactless conductivity detectors employing FEP capillaries.
- Analytical column with contactless detector (FEP or quartz capillary).
- UV VIS detector (190-600 nm) is an option.
- DAD detector is an option.
- CZE and micro-preparative injection valve is an option.
- Education columns (Clear column housing for educational purposes as zones can be directly visualised during separation).
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