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1 Analysis of surface and drinking water (Chloride,sulphate, nitrate,nitrite, fluorite and phostphate in 25 minutes) ITP analysis
2 Analysis of silage (Formic, lactic, acetic, propionic, butyric and valeric acids in 15 minutes) ITP
3 Analysis of thiodiacetic acid in urine ITP
4 Analysis of lysine ITP
5 Spacers and its application in ITP with UV detection pH = 3.5
6 Spacers and its application in ITP with UV detection pH = 6.0
7 Analysis of pesticides (Glyphosate and its metabolits) in plants ITP
8 Analysis of heavy metal in water ITP
9 Analysis of alcaline and alcaline earth metal ITP
10 Analysis of alcaline and alcaline earth metals in feeds ITP
11 Analysis of sorbic acids in foods ITP
12 Analysis of nitrate and nitrite in vegetable ITP
13 Analysis of benzoic acid in food ITP
14 Analysis of glutamate in food ITP
15 Analysis of sialic acid in serum ITP
16 Analysis of ascorbic acid in food ITP
17 Analysis of citric and isocitric acid in juice ITP
18 Analysis of cations in juice ITP
19 Analysis of EDTA in mayonaise ITP
20 Analysis of low concentration of Fe in water ITP
21 Fast analysis of anions in drinking and surface water
22 Fast analysis of anions in soil extracts
23 Analysis of synthetic sweeteners in food ITP
24 Analysis of bromate and chlorite in drinking water ITP-CZE
25 Analysis of synthetic dyes in food CZE
26 Analysis of organic acids (Lactic, succinic and 3hydroxybutyric) in eggs an eggs products ITP
27 Analysis of anions in water drinking, surface and mineral
29 Analysis of chromate in waste and surface water on ppb level
30 On-line connection of /ITP-CZE/ to MS
31 Further information on request
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