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The analyser Model EA102 is identical to the EA 202M.
However, with the advantage, it has a smaller foot-print.
It is also possible to use both contact and contactless conductivity column detectors with this analyser and the whole unit is controlled by up-graded, easy to operate Windows software.
The disadvantage is that an automation up-grade is not possible when compared with the EA 202M.
The analyser is on offer at a specially reduced price.
Due to this low price, we highly recommend this analyser for use as an education tool in Universities and to this end we have a special ˇ®education column' available (See Optional Accessories above and Application Note 25).
Dimensions: Width 275 x Depth 256 Height 620 mm.
Electrophoretic Analyser
Electrophoretic Analyser EA 102 in the 2-dimensional column arrangement for ITP-ITP or ITP-CZE analysis.
Configuration with preseparation column (Using a contactless conductivity detector), micropreparative valve (to enable concentration and collection of very pure sample fractions), and analytical column with contact conductivity detector.
Electrophoretic Analyser
Electrophoretic Analyser EA 102 in the 2-dimensional column arrangement configured with the analytical education column electrophoretic separation mechanisms education.
Electrophoretic Analyser
Electrophoretic Analyser EA 102 configured for CZE analysis (With CZE injection valve) and analytical column using contact conductivity detection.
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