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UV Protection Desiccator and Item Number V 1879-07
Panels: Orange
Material: PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate
Temperature Resistance: From -20”ĘC to +70”ĘC
Use: Normal pressure
Stand: Rubber feet


It is especially suitable for the storage of light-sensitive substances.

The Desiccators are designed for storing or drying humidity sensitive products using silica gel. The tight fitting door protects the contents from contamination from the atmosphere. The controlled environment inside the desiccators are ideal for storing reference materials, retained samples, metallographic specimen, tobacco and  DNA samples.
Product Description:
Including four shelves made of acrylic glass, tray, hygrometer anddesiccant, usable with up to 26 shelves, stackable, orange acrylic panelsreduce light incidence and protect against ultraviolet radiation.
Product Advantages:
- Reinforced aluminium frame with acrylic panels
- Door with magnetic catch and circular rubber seal
- Non slip rubber feet
- Easy to read electronic hygrometer
- Variable height shelves made of acrylic glass
- Telescopic shelves
- Desiccant tray
- Silica gel included


Catalogue Number V 1879-07
Overall dimensions W x H x D 310 x 525 x 375 mm
Usable interior space W x H x D 260 x 480 x 330 mm
Usable volume 42 litres
Total volume 45 litres
Weight 7 KG
Maximum all-over load per shelf 10 KG
Total all-over load 30 KG
Drawer and Collecting Tray
It is suitable for Star Desiccators (Except for Horizontal Star), including two rails.
Drawer and collecting tray in one; handle bar on lower side; can be filled with bulk material, big surface provides quicker drying of desiccator content, can be put into oven for regeneration of silica gel.


Catalogue Number V 1950-08
Width x Height x Depth 235 x 80 x 320mm
Material Welded stainless steel
Maximum all-over load 12 KG
Height as collecting tray 20 mm
Weight, including rails 1200 gram
It is suitable for Star Desiccators (Except for Horizontal Star), including two rails.


Catalogue Number V 1860-67
Width x Height x Depth 320 x 4 x 258 mm
Shelf Material PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate transparent
Rail material Aluminium
Weight, including rails 420 gram
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