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Vacuum Desiccator
Vacuum Desiccator and Item Numbers V 1880 - 04 and V 1880 - 08
Panels: Clear
Material: PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate
Temperature Resistance: From -20”ĘC to +70”ĘC
Use: Vacuum up to 0,0001 Torr
Stand: Rubber feet
Product Description:
Solid walls of 25 mm thickness, circular silicone gasket, vacuum gauge, V 1880-04 including two shelves, usable with up to three shelves, V 1880-08 and V 1880-12 including each four shelves, usable with up to each eight shelves.
The vacuum desiccators are equipped with a vacuum gauge.
Both hose connectors are equipped with a valve.
The hose connectors have an outside diameter of 10mm.
Product Advantages:
- Clear acrylic panels, interior is visible from all sides
- Circular silicone seal
- Non slip rubber feet
- Variable height shelves
- Vacuum gauge (0-760 mm of mercury)
- Vacuum up to 0,0001 Torr
- Two needle valves with O.D. 9,0 mm


The Vacuum Desiccators are suitable for storing sensitive products in a vacuum The vacuum inside the desiccator ensures rapid drying of the stored products. These systems allow storage in an oxygen and carbon dioxide free environment and are, for example, suitable for storage of semiconductor samples.


Catalogue Number V 1880 - 04 V 1880 - 08 V 1880 - 12
Overall dimensions W x H x D 300 x 340 x 300 mm 300 x 440 x 300 mm 315 x 550 x 310 mm
Excess length of valves and vacuum gauge 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Usable interior space W x H x D 260 x 260 x 260 mm 260 x 360 x 260 mm 265 x 460 x 260 mm
Usable volume 17.5 litres 24.5 litres 31.5 litres
Total volume 17.5 litres 24.5 litres 31.5 litres
Weight 15 KG 18 KG 27 KG
Maximum all-over load per shelf 9 KG 9 KG 9 KG
Total all-over load 30 KG 40 KG 50 KG
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months
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