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The Modular spin is liquid drying and/or concentrating system using vacuum condition and the centrifugal force is used to prevent the boiling phenomena in the con centrating liquids. The Modulspin consists of concentrator module, cold trap module, vacuum pump and table for all elements. The specially designed DC servo motor drives the rotor in a variable speed up to 1,800 rpm to generate the centrifugal force and the vacuum environment forces the liquid to vaporize. The temperature of the chamber is controlled to help the liquid to vaporize by the microprocessor and the heater is embedded outside of the rotor chamber. Various types of rotor such as microtitre can be attached to the rotating shaft and the screw type quick clamp helps the easy fixing the rotor plate on the rotating shaft. The transparent acryl door allows to monitoring the rotating condition of the rotor plate. The stainless steel cold trap module has a large volume and it catches the water vapor to reduce the pumping load of vacuum pump. The vacuum level is measured by pirani vacuum gauge and digitally displayed.
- Stainless steel condenser (4 liter) collects up to 4 liters of liquid before it's empty.
- Corrosion resistance with Acrylic lid (Pyrex glass lid as an optional accessory).
- The specially designed DC servo motor can regulate the rotating speed of the rotor up to 1,800 rpm.
- The corrosion resistant concentration chamber can accommodates various types of rotors.
- The powerful compressor with CFC-free refrigeration system can pull down the temperature of the cold trap to -85 C.
- The oil mist trap is applied as a standard accessory to cut off the outflows of contaminated gas.
- The temperature of the concentrator chamber can be controlled from ambient temperature +3 to 80 C.
- Teflon coating protects the chamber from harsh solvents as an option.
- The microprocessor governs the whole system and all the parameters are displayed in the LCD display.
- The vacuum pressure is precisely measured by Pirani vacuum gauge.
- LCD display shows the vacuum pressure, chamber and trap temperatures, and the onther processing parameters.




Chamber Size
310 D x 100 H mm
400 D x 100 H mm
Maximum Capacity
1.5 ml x 120 each
1.5 ml x 200 each
DC Servo Motor
Rotor Speed
100 - 1,800 rpm
Heater Control
Ambient Temperature: +3 C to 60 C
Sensors Pirani Vacuum Gauge, 2pt-100 Temperauture Sensors and Hall Effect Sensor for motor speed control
Ventilation Automatic Ventilation by Solenoid Valve
LCD Display Vacuum Pressure, Chamber Temperature, Trap Temperature, Motor Speed and Other Process Parametres.
COLD TRAP Temperature
-85 C
4 Liter
SUS 316L
VACUUM PUMP Pumping Type
A 2 Stage Oil Rotary Pump
Woosung or Edward
Ultimate Pressure
1 x10- torr
Pumping Capacity Woosung: 200 Liter Per Minute and Edward: 117/ 195 Liter Per Minute
Power Consumption
240 V, 50 Hz and 1.5 kW
950 W x 600 D x 1210 H mm
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