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Workstation for Stem Cell Investigation
Sci-tive has been designed to mimic in-vivo conditions providing a continuous cell culture environment which eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation yielding better stem cell lines.
Features and Benefits:
- 'Lab in a Box' - a Complete Closed Cell Culture Workstation
- Offers very stable, user defined O2, CO2, temperature and humidity control

Large 390 litre incubated working area (1.17m wide x 0.57m deep x 0.59m high) allows incubation, passaging, media transfers and cell culture


Large pass through interlock ( > 11 litres capacity) easily holds a variety of flasks, dishes and tubes


Built in Hepafiltration system for both main Workstation and Interlock complies with Class 5 (ISO 14644-1), Class 100 (FED 209E) and Grade B (EU TCD 2004/23/EU).

- Direct-Hand Access into Workstation, using simple Ezee Plug system, takes seconds!
- Fully expandable, with options to upgrade to Dual Workstation Model

Early results for Mesenchymal Stem Cell expansion reveals:
1. Optimised frequency of CFU isolation
2. Optimised Cell numbers (Per flask)
3. Reduced variability across cells recovered
4. Reduced transcriptional alteration



Workstation Fabrication

Solvent Bonded Acrylic

Bench Space Requirements Height (excluding stand): 1024 mm
Width (side to side): 1650 mm
Depth: 760 mm
Internal Workstation Dimensions Height: 590 mm
Width: 1170 mm
Depth: 555 mm
Workstation Weight Approximately 230kg
Alarms Temperature: Visual and Audible
Humidity: Visual
Gas Low Pressure: Visual and Audible
Interlock Dimension Height: 210 mm
Width: 270 mm
Depth: 200 mm
Atmosphere Control Temperature: Ambient +5”ĘC - 45”ĘC
Humidity Control: Ambient-85% RH
O2 Control: 0.0%-20.9%
CO2 Control: 0.0%-30.0%
Integrated HEPA Filtration System
Activated Carbon Filtration System
Use the Capacity Checker to compare how many Plates/Flasks/Dishes fit into each Workstation.


Workstation Stand
2 Racks with Perforated Shelves to Optimise Homogeneity
Direct-hand Access using Ezee Sleeve¢ā and Ezee Pleez System
Removable Front with UV Filtration Screen
Waste trays
Gas tight waste port
3 electrical power sockets
Gas Control Software USB Communications Port
7 Days Continuous Storage of Event Log Data
One Touch Calibration (O2)
On-Screen Fault Assistance


Cable Gland Port to allow the passage of cables through the workstation wall without altering internal conditions

Vacuum Line Port to allow the attachment of a vacuum line used to remove waste media from plates and dishes without removing them from the hypoxic conditions inside the workstation

Gas Sample Port to enable samples of the Workstation atmosphere to be checked

Palladium Catalyst if anaerobic environment is required

Anaerobic Indicator Strips to check anaerobic state of internal environment if required

Gas Tank Regulators

Gas Tank Filter Modules
Vibration Isolation Platform designed to minimise vibration originating from the Workstation or Laboratory Floor; can be used for vibration free incubation of microtitre plates, dishes or flasks

Adjustable incubation tray so that any micro-titre plates, flasks or dishes are kept absolutely level during incubation

Adjustable chair

Remote Monitoring Module allows users to be alerted by text message when gas pressure of O2 and gas pressure of CO2, temperature or humidity levels are out of specification

Choice of "Free Flow" incubation racks:
1: 150mm deep x 220mm tall x 460mm wide
2: 150mm deep x 320mm tall x 290mm wide
Gas Level Verification Meter (Geotech 100) designed to monitor CO2, and O2 inside our Workstations, works under high humidity
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