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Cell Biology Workstation
The range of hypoxia workstations has been designed to replicate low oxygen 'in vivo' physiology providing the ideal research platform for cell biologists and cancer researchers.
Features and Benefits:
- Optimum Working Capacity using Minimum Bench Space - 179 plates (96 well) working capacity.
- Rapid Sample Transfer - Interlock transfers 22 plates (96 well) in 35 seconds.
- Direct-Hand Access into Workstation - Using convenient cuff & sleeve system (Ezee Sleeve¢ā).
- Low Gas Consumption - Designed to work with Nitrogen for economical running costs.
- Safe Working Environment - VOC filtration tested and validated.

Accurate Oxygen Control - Oxygen stability from 0.0% (anoxia) to 20.9% (ambient) in 0.1% increments with one touch sensor calibration.


Accurate CO2 Control - CO2 stability from 0.0% to 30.0% in 0.1% increments.


Cycle Programming - Allows a user-defined timed sequence of up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations.


Accurate Temperature Control - Incubation control from Ambient + 5”ĘC to 45”ĘC.
Accurate Humidity Control - Option of ultrasonic humidity system to give precise environmental control.



Workstation Fabrication

Solvent Bonded Acrylic

Bench Space Requirements

Height (excluding stand): 650 mm
Width (side to side, excludes Gas Mixer): 830 mm
Depth: 660 mm

Internal Workstation Dimensions

Height: 420 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 460 mm

Workstation Weight

Approximately 75 KG

Gas Supply

Up to 4 Separate Cylinders: H2/N2; CO2; N2; Air


Temperature: Visual
Humidity: Visual
Gas Low Pressure: Visual and Audible

Interlock Dimension

Height: 190 mm
Width: 150 mm
Depth: 230 mm

Interlock Cycle Time

35 seconds

Atmosphere Control

Temperature: Ambient +5”ĘC - 45”ĘC
Humidity Control: Ambient - 85% RH
O2 Control: 0.0% - 20.9%
CO2 Control: 0.0% - 30.0%
Activated Carbon Filtration System

Use the Capacity Checker to compare how many Plates/Flasks/Dishes fit into each Workstation.



Gas Mixer Q
Internal Mains Socket
Single Plate Entry System
Direct-hand Access using Ezee Sleeve¢ā System
Detox Sachet
Energy Saving Flourescent Lamp
Internal Halogen Spot Lamp
3 Petri Dish Holders

Gas Control Software

USB Communications Port
7 Days Continuous Storage of Event Log Data
One Touch Calibration (O2)
On-Screen Fault Assistance
Cycle Programming



Cable Gland Port to allow the passage of cables through the workstation wall without altering internal conditions

Vacuum Line Port to allow the attachment of a vacuum line used to remove waste media from plates and dishes without removing them from the hypoxic conditions inside the workstation

Gas Sample Port to enable samples of the Workstation atmosphere to be checked

Ultrasonic Humidity Control for improved cell conditions

Stand to support workstation where bench space is not available

Palladium Catalyst if anaerobic environment is required

Anaerobic Indicator Strips to check anaerobic state of internal environment if required

Gas Tank Regulators

Gas Tank Filter Modules

Data Logging Connection allows the user to monitor the temperature of the workstation via a PC

Gas Level Verification Meter (Geotech 100) designed to monitor CO2, and O2 inside our Workstations, works under high humidity.
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