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8 Channel Pipetting System
The Model RoboSpense is a flexible and versatile liquid handling platform with four or eight individually addressable liquid channels. Automatic adjustment of channel spacing accommodates various tube sizes, channel-specific liquid detection and the use of either disposable tips or washable steel needles make the RoboSpense a highly versatile tool for automating any pipetting task.
An optional second arm with a robotic microplate handler enables interfacing to other functional units such as heating and cooling devices, shakers, barcode readers, microplate readers, incubators and parallel pipettors and expands the system's capabilities to the level of functionality you require.

Versatile liquid handling platform for unique individual automation solutions.


4 or 8 individually addressable liquid channels.


3 different deck sizes available.


Free configurable deck surface.


Change between 4 different disposable tip sizes on the fly.


Automatic microplate positioning optimization by robotic handler.


Easy integration of external devices.


Uncompromising twin rail design for outstanding reliability. 



Molecular Biology Applications
- PCR and sequencing reaction setup - Nucleic acid purification
- Clone picking - DNA sample normalization
- Reformatting of clones - Primer volume management
Proteomic Applications

- Production of crystallization reagents

- Reformatting of crystallization reagents

- Microbatch crystallization experiments

- Purification of recombinant proteins

- In gel digestion of proteins

- Sample preparation for protein mapping

- Desalting of proteins

ADME/TOX Applications

- Serial dilutions

- Sample specific dilutions

- Sample preparation for LC/MS and HPLC

- Protein precipitation

- PAMPA assays

- Microsomal assays

- IC50 Assays 



Pipetting Channels

4 or 8 channels
disposable tips, washable probes or any combination
Tip Sizes 10 レl, 50 レl, 300 レl and 1100 レl
Volume Range Steel probes 2 - 1000 レl
Disposable tips 1 -1000 レl
Labware Formats Tubes, containers, deep-well plates, 96-well plates and 384-well plates
Deck Positions 25, 35 or 55 Microplate position deck
- Temperature controlled positions with plate specific adapters
- Single position shakers for microplates
- Plate hotels for increased deck capacity
- Plate barcode reader for source and destination plate tracking
- Tube barcode reader for source tube identification
- Vacuum manifold for automatic sample preparation
- Various plate and rack adapters for versatile deck configuration
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